Dylan & Lydia Lite

Μάθετε Αγγλικά μέσα από τις περιπέτειες του Ντίλαν και της Λύντια! Ένα διαδραστικό παραμύθι με απεικονίσεις, μουσική, ήχους, παιχνίδια και ενσωματωμένο λεξικό!

Follow Dylan and Lydia's exciting adventures and teach English through the lens of storytelling and technology! This digital storybook will help boost your young learners' language proficiency, be creative and engage in extensive reading.
Explore a highly interactive, double- path story packed with:
* delightful illustrations
* enchanting background music
* engaging audio narration
* multiple reading modes: Read to me- Read it myself and Record my voice
* charming animations, surprise features & sound effects within each page.
* enjoyable ELT activities
* in-built dictionaries
* fun story-based games
What happens when the endearing 9- year-old twins, Dylan and Lydia meet Madame Sonya, the famous fortune teller? Will she slyly trick them into her evil plans? The twins have the chance to experience magical moments in 'Fantasy Land' or spend an adventurous day with notorious pirates on a real pirate ship! Both adventures teach them important life lessons about the value of true friendship and trust.

Dylan & Lydia Lite - screenshotDylan & Lydia Lite - screenshotDylan & Lydia Lite - screenshotDylan & Lydia Lite - screenshot

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